Thursday, February 26, 2009

Detail Magazine

I decided this week that I wanted to look at 'Detail' magazine.
This is what the magazines web page says

"DETAIL is an international magazine dedicated to architecture and construction details. Each issue focuses on a particular aspect of design, such as constructing with concrete, roof structures, renovations, etc. Emphasis is placed on presenting designs in great detail, and complementing these with drawings in practical scales and superb photographs that illustrate real world examples from near and far. DETAIL Concept, published bi-annually, delves in-depth into the entire construction process. "

DETAIL is also the name of the publishing house, the Institut für internationale Architektur-Dokumentation GmbH & Co. KG. This was founded in 1961 and is based in Munich, Germany. The editorial department here publishes the following three high-class volumes targeted at architects:

DETAIL, available in over 80 countries, is published in five languages:

  • DETAIL in German & English as a bilingual version with a translation supplement in French, Italian, and Russian. This appears 10 times annually.
  • DETAIL ENGLISH – a fully translated version that appears 6 times a year
  • DETAIL SPANISH – 5 issues per year
  • DETAIL CHINESE – 6 issues per year
  • DETAIL JAPANESE - 6 issues per year

DETAIL not only publishes the magazine and technical books, it also offers a host of online services, such as:

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